The phrase digital transformation may leave you cold, fill you with fear or simply mean nothing at all!  But as leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises you have to face up to the challenge and opportunities of digital transformation in order to remain competitive and relevant to customers. As well as embracing new technologies you will also have to address key areas of the business including people, data and processes – areas that Nostralis can really help you with. Here is a quick review of the “Ten Commandments” SMEs need to follow when embarking on their digital transformation.



Design the company's new strategy around digital transformation.  Only by taking this approach will you fully appreciate how central digital solutions will be for your business.


Any transformation digital or not starts with people.  Transformation must be led by the owner or manager of the organisation.


To transform your offer you must harness the latest process automation technology available in the cloud.


Whilst you are transforming you offer and business workflows you should also be planning to transform demand generation.


In addressing the new strategy it is critical define the attributes required to lead this new organisation and develop your skills  and approach.


Data is the coal of the fourth industrial revolution.  Harnessing the data in your organisation you can make informed strategic and operational decisions.


Data changes your relationship with your customers who have never had so much information or power.  Make the most of your data to expand your knowledge of the customers.


Understand what new technologies can contribute and explore new business models.  If you were starting your business again today, how would you go about it? 


The world and society is changing at an unprecedented  pace.  SMEs will need to introduce  aspects of start up culture in order to attract recruit and retain talent.


To compete in this new market and the impact of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) it is vital to interact and collaborate through these digital ecosystems.

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