As the business owner or member of the management team, running a business quickly absorbs all your time. Making time to concentrate on your own development and well-being often takes a back seat. It's often said that only by booking regular coaching sessions can business leaders make time and prepare appropriately for their own development.
Before taking on new clients in a personal training, coaching or mentoring role we always insist on an initial chemistry meeting where we can mutually explore compatibility, and will proceed only on the basis of a clear belief that we are able to add value.

“I’ve found Andrew's coaching sessions very useful, both for the benefit of the business and my own personal development. His management experience underpins every discussion.  His attention to detail coupled with his ability to unpick critical issues with the business – both good and bad – has been incredibly helpful in giving me the direction I need to grow my business and manage my workflow.  Unlike many other coaches I’ve worked with, his strategies for improvement are grounded in reality.”

Paul Laville, Director T21 Group


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